Doom Podtrol Episode #140 (for real, dudes!)

We’re back!  So… on our way back from recording this podcast, we got a little lost in the Phantom Zone (we took a left turn at Flashpoint, and then got stuck in the New 52 before we finally found a way home).  So what do we have for you?   A little look at the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special from 1988.

You’re welcome.

Doom Podtrol Episode #139

We’re looking at Doom Patrol #6 and we’re getting to the bottom of what happened to Cliff Steele.  If the dude is dead… how did he manage to appear in the five previous issues of this series?  We start to uncover the truth right now.

Doom Podtrol Episode #134

What do you do on the day after your origin has been told (and everything you thought you knew was a bit of a lie… and also… your brain gets squished on the floor)? If you’re Cliff Steele… you just keep on going, cuz the end of the world is just around the corner. Join Scott and Murray as they look at Doom Patrol #58.