Episode 516 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Main Event Smallville USA

Buy Soma Online Review In which Paul, left to his own devices, shows that he can indeed read a superhero comic, but when it comes to handling This Week in Legion History learns, that he can’t remember what books Doug Moench worked on, or that Steve Dillon never actually drew an issue of The Wanderers (Dave Hoover pencilled them all), but rather did designs that were thrown out before the book began. All that aside, it’s a cracking reading of New Adventures of Superboy #31, where Superboy goes up against Earth Born superhero, Pulsar!


Episode 512 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Secret of the Crystal Curse

Buy Xanax In China Paul digs into New Adventures of Superboy issue 30. Superboy deals with both magic and science, as a mysterious fire creature terrorizes Smallville.


Episode 509 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Man Who Took the Small out of Smallville!

https://juanfreire.com/8r7n790b He’s back! The man that could sell hype lessons to Stan Lee, Huey B Mckay shows up again ready to build the greatest Superboy theme park ever built! From New Adventures of Superboy 29, May 1982.


Episode 507 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Secret Time Forgot to Tell

In this episode of The Superboy Chronicles, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 27 and 28. Superboy meets a couple of outlaw Kryptonians who have a big secret about Superboy. Also, Dial H for Hero starts its run in the pages of Superboy.


Episode 501 – The Superboy Chronicles: Clark Kent The Grooviest Guy in Smallville

https://livingwithlady.com/2022/12/6u3uea9hl.html Paul takes a look at what happens when Professor Potter makes Clark Kent the Grooviest Guy in Smallville! Also, Superboy travels back in time to do some homework, and learns something he never thought he’d forget!

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Episode 488 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Man Who Kidnapped Nature

Buy Generic Valium 10Mg Paul manages to get the episode recorded from a remote location, without internet and not only lives to tell the tale, but gets the episode posted for Monday!

https://wp.wildwoodclinic.com/bgvjwoar In this episode, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 25, in which Superboy meets what looks like a reverse Dr Fate (with Spider-Man eyes, now try to get this alternate universe hit single by Kim Carnes out of your head: “He’s got Peter Parker Eyes”). Will Superboy defeat Dr Chaos and save the people of Smallville? Well, probably, because, you know, Superman et al.


Episode 486 – The Superboy Chronicles: Blind Boy’s Bluff

https://www.secretdeparis.com/9bor7x27a Paul celebrates the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory by taking a look at New Adventures of Superboy 24. Superboy falls victim to Red Kryptonite, and all the wrong people seem to be figuring it out! Also, Superbaby fights aliens, and Paul takes a look at This Week in Legion History, courtesy of Michael Grabois of the Legion Omnicom.

Episode 481 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Heroic Failures of Superboy

https://cherokeeiowa.com/cid0r6d Happy New Year! Paul kicks off the year with 2 back to back issues of The New Adventures of Superboy, issues 22 and 23. Superboy exiles himself from Smallville after he makes too many mistakes. Where will he go?!? Also, the origin of the signal lamp, and an adventure of the Dog Detective of Smallville! Lots happens in these issues, including the origin of one of Silver Age Superman’s more ridiculous villains!


Episode 460 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Planet that Kidnapped Superboy

https://bettergardeners.com/eu3qhcune In New Adventures of Superboy issue 20, the young Kal-El finds himself a captive on not just one but two alien worlds, with differing reasons as to why he can’t escape! Paul digs into this early 80s comic book goodness, and brings it all to you!