Episode 12 – State of the DCU

Paul and Darren talk about some of the other, non-Legion books they’ve been reading, while Ric and special guest Phil Bledsoe check in to share some of their thoughts on the Lightning Saga.

Then, to top it all off, Darren and Paul review Sun Boy’s Lost Powers from Adventure Comics 302.

From all of us here at Legion HQ, we want to wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

Episode 10 – The Lightning Saga Part 1

In this episode, Darren, Matt and Paul take a break from the tales of the old school Legion to talk about the return of the original Legion to current DCU Continuity. There’s lots to talk about and a whole lot of heroes on every page.

Also in this episode, Darren goes up against the legendary Peter Rios, in our first installment of Stump the Subs! How will he fare against the Trivia Master? Listen in and find out!

Episode 9 – Super Powers & Stupid Powers

While Darren plans his office shindig, Matt prepares to meet James Robinson, and Paul feasts on salvaged stew, the Legion finally gets the lead feature in Adventure Comics, the once and future home of all things Legion. After we get reintroduced to the Legion, as well as a longtime phantom friend, we learn the secret origin of Bouncing Boy.

That’s right. We said it.

Bouncing Boy.

This one has it all. Lead masks, bouncy heroes, and super advanced chemical antidotes invented by a telepath. Bounce on by and check it out!

Episode 8 – An Ultra Special Episode of Blossom

In this episode, Paul, Darren and Matt talk about the Legion and learn an important life lesson. That life lesson is that one should never allow their super powered cousin to try and set them up, in Superman’s Super Courtship. Next they greet a new member to the Legion in The Boy with the Ultra Powers.

Words cannot completely convey the creepiness of Superman’s Super Courtship, but the guys try really hard. Also in this episode, more Legion news than you can shake a stick at, although really, why would you ever shake a stick at Legion News?