Episode 77 – Legion of Super Shows

Darren, Scott and Paul travel to Reading Pennsylvania to attend the CGS Super Show. As they record in the same room for the first time, they are joined by guests Alexander Serra, Jack Briglio, Jamal Igle and many more as they discuss the Legion, fun in comics, bad 90s comic fashion choices, and whether or not Darren’s feet will burn as they meet Yankee soil for the first time.


Episode 76 – The Legionnaires Made For Burning

Karate Kid and Projectra are in trouble on Orando, as Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul continue their look at the Levitz/Giffen run of the Legion. Discussion of super hero infidelity, super karate, and collars way too big to fight with.


Episode 75 – Save The Suicide Squad?!? This is a Legion Podcast!

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/p7n18278 Chameleon Boy’s Espionage Squad lands in hot water on Khundia as Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul tackle Legion of Super Heroes 287. Keith Giffen takes the lead feature, while Pat Broderick pencils the backup story, which foreshadows the Great Darkness Saga.


All this and a new rule for the drinking game. Kathoom!


Episode 74 – Darren’s First Legion Issue

https://mmhn.com/b0m7j3c Travel back a bit further in time to the early 80s, when 12 year old Darren bought his first Legion issue. Pat Broderick, Paul Levitz, super-powered volleyball, Dr Regulus, and our first sighting of the Giffen/Mahlstedt pairing that we would get to know so well.

Ambien Sale Online Cheap What else came out in the same month as Legion of Super Heroes #286? How will Sun Boy beat his arch foe? Listen in and find out!


Episode 73 – Night Never Falls At Nullport… Like a BOSS

https://www.somerandomthoughts.com/2023/06/01/lerl8nyhb8 As Scott and Paul bask in the glory of Olympic Gold, Darren frets about impending snow and Matt sends his postcard for the Flight Ring Drive, the guys dig into Legion of Super Heroes 285. Projectra suddenly ascends to leadership of Orando, and the rest of the Legion deals with those pesky Khunds.