Episode 562 – 5YL Part 9: Laurel’s Story

https://electrictigertattoo.com/xrn41siish In the new Legion timeline, if there’s a new Superboy, in Valor, there must be a new Supergirl. We’ve already met Laurel, now let’s hear her story!


Episode 561 – Back to the Future!

Buy Ambien Legally Online The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes v4 issue 8. It’s the new origin of the Legion of Super Heroes. What’s different, what’s the same? Let’s find out!


Episode 559 – 5YL Flashback: Scott has Dinner With Mordru, and the Legion gets a new Origin

In this Flashback episode, hear our thoughts ten years ago on the Dinner with Mordru, as well as the new origin of the Legion!