Episode 86 – Back To The Future: The Return of Paul Levitz

https://katecon2006.org/2023/04/06/450vu67kcq Paul Levitz joins the Subs for an in depth discussion of Legion of Super Heroes #1.  Then keep listening to learn more about what’s coming up in Adventure Comics, and Legion of Super Heroes as Paul discusses his very busy schedule, some thoughts on the digital revolution, and the advantages of playing baseball at superspeed.


Episode 85 – The Scream Heard Around the Universe

https://fayberrystory.com/dugwc87tzb8 Paul Levitz return to the Legion is finally here!  Join Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul as they discuss the issue in detail, and then stick around for some general comic book chatter!


Episode 84 – Back On The Chain Gang

We left you on a cliffhanger last week, but fear not, because this week, we have the Legion Chain Gang, from Adventure Comics #360.  Before we get to that, Matt has an interview with artist Chris Sprouse.  All this and the giddy anticipation of a new Legion comic!


Episode 83 – Legion: Scared Straight

https://geekntech.com/guidetips/0ph6tdy It’s back to basics for the Subs, as Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul return to the old Adventure days to talk about Adventure Comics 359, as the Legionnaires land themselves in jail.  Discussion of some of the source material for Mark Waid’s run, Supergirl as fair weather friend, and a Stump the Subs, and you’ve got some classic, old-school Substitute Podcasters!

Episode 82 – Getting Animated with Jack Briglio and Alex Serra

Ambien Online Overnight Delivery In this episode, we chat with Jack Briglio and Alex Serra about the Legion cartoon, their experiences working on Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century, favorite Legion artists, battling Computo with Skype-Falls-Off Boy and what they’re working on next!