Episode 585 – Doomsday Clock and Legion Too!

https://labrochetteny.com/co2wt4hx1 The Subs take a look at Doomsday Clock, and what it means for the Legion, and the DCU at large. Then they dig into Legion of Super Heroes issue 12. Also, Feedback, a Stump the Subs from Sal Longo and This Week in Legion History!


We’ll see you all next year!


Episode 584 – A Very Subs Christmas: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Subs provide commentary on The Nightmare Before Christmas. They also discuss Legion News and This Week in Legion History!

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Episode 583 – Crisis on Infinite Podcasts Part 1 Holy Crimson Skies of Death!

The Subs go deep on the CW Crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. All the cameos, all the Easter eggs, all the Earths!


Episode 582 – 5YL Part 21 Issue 20 Back to Venado Bay

https://lerougemiami.com/duxzemu The Subs check out issue 20 of Legion vol 4. Here they find out what really happened at Venado Bay!

Episode 581 – 5YL Part 20: A Moon Shattering Kaboom!

https://www.chateauderouillac.com/g70bnvibqk The Subs learn what happened after the moon blew up! Also, Jo makes his way Back to the Future!