Episode 328 – The Creature that Conned the Legion

The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 230. The Legionnaires help save a mining planet.

Canada Ambien Order Then the guys get into a discussion about buying back issues, and it’s all over!


Episode 327 – The Legion Goes to Hawkworld

Darren, Scott and Paul take a look at the latest issue of Justice League United, #8 to be specific. We’re seeing some Legionnaires appearing for the first time in many years, and some that just look completely different. The Subs figure out who’s who, and make their own predictions as to what comes next!

Episode 326 – Those Who Do Not Learn The Lessons of History…

Cheapest Zolpidem It’s 2 issues in one for this edition of Darren and Paul’s Event Theater! We look at issue #2 of Legends and issue #1 of Cosmic Boy.

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/0k3s9f6kv How has the history of the DCU changed already, and how much is it like our own world? Listen and find out!


Episode 325 – Substituting for the Subs

Buy Ambien Online Uk When times get busy, sometimes you need to make a substitution. This week, the Subs find a strange thumb drive, while cleaning the time bubble. What’s stranger still is what they found on it. Witness here, the Substitute Squad. A Suicide Squad podcast? The crazy things you find on parallel Earths!