Episode 726 – Event Theatre: Zero Hour #2 – Two Many Titans

https://ocbicycleclub.org/ezwecxgf4 The Team Titans, who will remain essential to the DCU, join the heroes. At the end of time, things go crazy, and a new villain is on the horizon.

Episode 723 – Event Theatre: Zero Hour 3: The End of Time!

Things go badly for the Justice Society in issue 3 of Zero Hour.

Episode 722 – Zero Hour Tie-In: Superboy 8: Big Trouble in Smallville

https://www.katalystdm.com/uncategorized/94z90ng The Subs are joined by Justin as they look at Superboy #8, where the Superboy clone meets the original Adventures of Superman when he was a boy Superboy in a Zero Hour Tie-In.


Episode 717 – Event Theatre: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time Issue 4 Part 1

The Subs are joined by Brent from the Future as they begin their epic look at Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.

Episode 712 – Event Theatre: Books of Magic Part 2

In this episode, the subs continue learning about the world of magic in the Post-Crisis DC Universe. All this plus the Class of 1981, This Week in Legion History, and a preview of next week’s Podcast Crossover!

Episode 651 – Event Theatre: Eclipso The Darkness Within Yada Yada Part 2

The Subs are joined by some friends from the future as they discuss the second half of the 1992 annual crossover Eclipso: The Darkness Within.




Episode 638 – Event Theatre: Eclipso The Darkness Within Yada Yada Part 1

Ambien Forum Buy The Subs look at the 1992 Annual event Eclipso: The Darkness Within, in which Michael reads it so we don’t have to, and as a result, neither do you! Eclipso turns Lar Gand into a statue, and gives us a new drinking game rule!

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