Episode 574 – Superboy Meets Heroes of the Future: Dark Strangler of the Seas

During the adventures of Superman when he was a boy, he once met young Arthur Curry, who was amidst his own adventures of Aquaman when HE was a boy. Aquaboy and Superboy team up against a corrupt oil company! Hilarity ensues!

Episode 372 – Superboy Meets Heroes from the Future: Superboy Meets Superman

Paul flies solo this week, while the rest of the Subs┬árecover from turkey comas. This week, we look at a story that predates the Legion (but really, don’t they all?) from Superboy #47, March 1956. Superboy accidentally travels to the future, and meets his adult self! Hilarity ensues!

Episode 360 – Superboy Meets Heroes From The Future – Superboy Meets Robin The Boy Wonder

With everyone else off at conventions and other long weekend extravaganzas, Paul once again looks at a Superboy team up, as Robin The Boy Wonder Travels back in time to meet the Boy of Steel.

Episode 355 – Superboy Meets Supergirl

Paul takes another look at what happens when Superboy Meets Heroes From The Future. This time, Supergirl comes back to visit her cousin Superboy, destroying the time space continuum, and setting in motion the chain of events that will lead to her death at the hands of the Anti-Monitor… or maybe instead they just hang out, play catch and that other stuff doesn’t happen at all. You’ll have to listen to see which is true!

Episode 344 – Superboy Meets Heroes from the Future

When Long Weekend Schedules conspire to defeat the Subs, it’s Paul’s box of Superboy comics to the rescue. Do you think the Legion were the only heroes from the future that Superboy met? In fact, it used to be a regular thing for the young Kal-El to either travel through time and meet other heroes, or he would meet them in the years before they became heroes, and as with the Legion, would provide them with some inspiration in their heroic ways. Here is one such tale, from The New Adventures of Superboy, issue 13, when Clark meets a boy born without fear.