Episode 38 – An Eye For An Eye Part 1

Join us as Darren, Matt, Paul and Scott explore the first two issues of the Legion’s Baxter run. This one has more villains and heroes than you can shake a stick at, so put your sunglasses on to protect your eyes from the bright white paper, spark up the Intellivision for a round of  Burger Time, and check out revenge, Legion style!


Episode 37 – 37? In a Row? Warning: Spoilers for Moby Dick Ahead!

https://alohalibrary.org/news/8jx74ay7 Matt, Darren and Paul discuss Adventure Comics 332 and 333, where we meet the Super Moby Dick of Space and then witness the war between Krypton and Earth! With all this, they even manage to solve the Fortay/Fort debate with regards to the name of Legion artist John Forte.


Buy Ambien Online Overnight Shipping Also discussed, Matt and Paul’s love for the show Homicide: Life on The Street, Darren’s news from the Land of the Lost front, not even remotely subtle Kevin Smith references and hemp beer from British Columbia!

Episode 36 – Thought the Drinking Game Was Over? We Give You Another Legion Traitor!

https://www.whiteoaksblog.com/2023/04/06/ag80u2odj In this episode, Darren Matt and Paul discuss a story containing a Legion traitor. You know the one? It’s the one with the Legion traitor! Adventure Comics 330 and 331 are the topics of discussion this week. The art of Jim Mooney gets discussed, as we wait for Curt Swan to start drawing the Legion.


Episode 35 – This Am Worst Episode Ever!

Darren, Matt and Paul prove that the drinking game is in effect as they deal with The Lad Who Wrecked the Legion and then meet up with The Bizarro Legion. Traitors and Space Zoos abound, so don’t listen and operate heavy machinery! Join in on the fun as we review Adventure Comics 328 and 329!


Episode 34 – The Leader of the Pack

https://www.lifechucks.com/featured-articles/93kj24jet In this episode: Darren, Matt and Paul deal with 5 Legion traitors (take five drinks, folks!) and meet the Lone Wolf Legionnaire. Join us as we examine Superboy #117 and Adventure Comics #327!

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