Episode 372 – Superboy Meets Heroes from the Future: Superboy Meets Superman

https://electrictigertattoo.com/8uz3047g Paul flies solo this week, while the rest of the Subs recover from turkey comas. This week, we look at a story that predates the Legion (but really, don’t they all?) from Superboy #47, March 1956. Superboy accidentally travels to the future, and meets his adult self! Hilarity ensues!

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Episode 371 – Brainy’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!

https://mantamaritime.com/dpm6jntzy0 Darren and Paul are joined by Mark Sweeney to take a look at Legion of Super Heroes, Baxter Run, #30, in which Brainy gets lucky, and then less so.

https://www.lasvegaswedding-makeup.com/5yuu7g7vny Also, discussion on the disparate views of Dream Girl, as Mr. Levitz throws some shade in the letter column!


Episode 370 – On The Darkseid

Buy Zolpidem Cheap Darren and Paul get caught up on the Baxter Run annuals with Child of Darkness, Child of Light from the 1986 Annual #2. It’s the sequel to The Curse from 1984’s v2 Annual #3. Validus is on a rampage with fellow Darkseid devotee Ol-Vir, and he’s looking for mom and dad!


Episode 369 – Who Shot Laurel Kent?

Darren and Paul survive a fight with Computo and travel back in time to place Legion of Super Heroes v3 Annual #1, in which the Legion gets on the case to find out who shot Laurel Kent. We suspect the Superman editorial office, but the Legion may have different ideas!


Episode 368 – The Smoldering Fury of the All-New Starfinger!

Zolpidem Online Darren and Paul take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 29, where we meet a new version of an old villain, leading Darren to do his very best Shirley Bassey impression!