Episode 103 – Help Us! We’ve Been Replaced By Durlans!

The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes #5, as Levitz, Cinar and Co. turn up the heat, in more ways than one! Then it’s back in time, to Legion 301, as Chameleon Boy and R.J. Brande head to Durla to get Cham’s powers back. All this, plus some discussion on Keith Giffen’s return to the Legion!

Episode 100 – 100 Episodes in the 30th and 31st Centuries!

At long last, it’s episode 100, and in this episode, The Subs examine the culmination of the Adult Legion story. Will Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul EVER grow up? The guys jump into their Time Bubble, complete with a snazzy new Timestream GPS and visit a bunch of different Legion timelines. It all seems to be a pretty simple mission, but one of The Subs has a secret!