Episode 738 – DC Heroes Gaming Part 3: The 2995 Sourcebook

You’ve heard the Subs refer to the Sourcebook all through their coverage of the 5YL Legion. Now, they talk about the book itself.

Episode 737 – DC Heroes Gaming Part 2: Legion of Super Heroes Sourcebooks 1 and 2

The Subs continue their talk about the DCU RPG with the Legion specific content, while Paul’s mute button does not work as advertised!

Episode 736 – An Introduction to Super Hero Role Playing Games

Darren leads the discussion into the history of gaming. The Mayfair DC Heroes game had great Legion content. How did we get there? https://lindawarrenprojects.com/j56dj6u4h https://www.lsfest.com/0k0oyp5cd All this plus This Week in Legion History.