Episode 335 – The End of Infinitus

https://labrochetteny.com/n0blkeg3 Matt, Darren and Paul take a look at Justice League United issue 10, the conclusion of the Infinitus Saga. How do they think it ended? Do they want to see this particular take on the Legion again? What did they like and what didn’t they like? These questions and more will be answered in this episode!

Episode 331 – Omen in Space

https://www.norcalhobbies.com/kwrf9xqykv Darren and Paul dig into the penultimate chapter of the Infinitus Saga, after some time spent discussing the second season of Batman, the New Gods, odd sightings of Kirby creations, and much more.


Episode 327 – The Legion Goes to Hawkworld

Darren, Scott and Paul take a look at the latest issue of Justice League United, #8 to be specific. We’re seeing some Legionnaires appearing for the first time in many years, and some that just look completely different. The Subs figure out who’s who, and make their own predictions as to what comes next!


Episode 322 – Waiting for the Squirrel to Attack!

The whole gang shows up at Legion HQ to discuss the upcoming Convergence series, essential parts of Legion lore, and Justice League United 7, the latest chapter in the Infinitus Saga.


Episode 318 – What Fresh Hell is This?

https://mjbi.com/f6ofj0qo The Subs take a look at part two of the Infinitus Saga. The cover engenders enough discussion. The discussion on the interior of the book doesn’t ease up at all.

Episode 317 – The Moosonee Manhunter vs. Mon-El

The Subs are all on hand to welcome the Legion back to the 21st century as they return to the modern day DCU. It’s the Legion vs the Justice League United in part one of the Infinitus Saga!