Episode 281 – Crisis Counselling 7 Beyond *choke* the Silent Night

The Subs take a look at Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, and go in deep on all the characters and events, as we say good by to a Legionnaire, and a hero that was always more than just Superman’s cousin.

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Episode 280 – Final Eclipse of Sun Boy

The Subs are joined by Interlac member Christopher Brown, as they tackle Superboy Starring the Legion of Super Heroes 215. Cosmic Boy gets a new costume (and a bit handsy with Light Lass), Phantom Girl visits home, and Sun Boy hears that clarion call: Turn around, Bright Eyes!

Episode 279 – All New All Different! A Brand New Direction Just for You!

The Subs take a look at the first appearance of Leland McCauley IV, in Superboy Starring THE Legion of Super Heroes, and wonder how the Legion didn’t make just ONE exception to the Legion code against killing…


Episode 278 – Revisiting Legion of 3 Worlds Part 3

http://delamarre.net/joomla/y0jy73jr The Subs continue travelling through time with their look at Legion of 3 Worlds issue 3, as well as talking about Adventure Comics 0. It’s a long one, so pack a lunch!