Episode 613 – 5YL Part 36, Issue 32, The Terra Mosaic Part 9: The First To Fall

The Subs take a look at issue 32 of the 5YL run. Who will be the first to fall?

Episode 610 – 5YL Part 35, Terra Mosaic Part 8a, Issue 31: Young Romance

https://www.mocomemart.com/04rt0cac The Subs are joined by Alan Williams as they review the controversial issue 31!

Episode 603 – 5YL Part 29 Issue 27 The Terra Mosaic Part 3 Showdown

The Subs are joined by Tom Harris of Radio Free Asgard to discuss B.I.O.N.’s assault on Legion HQ!

Episode 602 – 5YL Part 28, Issue 26, The Terra Mosaic Part 2: Battered by Bion, Deep Fried by Darren!

https://babybeas.com/2023/06/5v12qaqs5sc The Subs get further into The Terra Mosaic. Laurel has a knock down drag out battle with BION, and the S.U.B.S. get into the battle with the Dominators!


Episode 601 – 5YL Part 27 Issue 25 The Terra Mosaic Part 1 Look at All These Legionnaires!

The Subs are joined by Derek Binns, Adam Crouch and the MonkeyMan as they meet the SW6 Legionnaires for the the first time.

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