Episode 238 – WTF Indeed

The Subs stumble from the time bubble to find a new world, as Paul welcomes a new Li’l Legionnaire to the fold. The guys dig into the LoSP Mailbag for some feedback, and take a look beneath the cover of Legion of Super Heroes #19. There’s also a special themed edition of Stump the Subs!

Episode 236 – On The Road

The Subs didn’t just get to Reading, PA for the SuperShow last week just by teleporting there. No, there was a long drive involved! Listen to just part of that drive, as Scott, Paul and Special Guest Murray made their was down to Pennsylvania. Hear Scott’s reading list, listen to the guys speculate as to which Legionnaire will be the next to fall, and be amazed that they ever made it there at all!

Episode 235 – Live at SuperShow!

It’s a Super Show Substravaganza as the Subs record live in Reading PA at the Comic Geek Speak SuperShow. Scott, Darren and Paul interviews Joe Staton, Jamal Igle, Mike Norton and Tom King. Additionally, they are met with a live Stump The Subs Challenge from Legion World’s Thomas Lanese, as he targets Monkey Lad for Maximum Stumpage! Will he succeed?

Listen and find out!

Episode 234 – Substitute Squad: Boy, This is Embarrassing

From a parallel universe, Darren, Scott and Paul bring you another episode of Substitute Squad. In this episode, the Squad rights a wrong from a long time ago, as they answer the question, how did they get through 234 episodes of this show and never manage to cover issue 1 of the John Ostrander Suicide Squad series? In addition to this, the guys have news of an upcoming DC Super Villain documentary as well as another Stump the Squad!

Meet Darren, Scott and Paul at the CGS SuperShow, Saturday April 6th, and Sunday April 7th at the Greater Reading Expo Center in Reading, Pennsylvania!