Episode 433 – Tales of the Legion 319 – If Memory Should Fail

https://houseofillusion.com/87nakq5 The Subs dig into Tales of the Legion 319. Mon-El goes crazy, Timber Wolf gets snarky, and Shady’s bracelets finally make sense!

Episode 432 – Tales of the Legion: Shadows of Future Past

Darren and Paul dig into Tales of the Legion 318, where the Persuader causes all kinds of trouble on Talok VIII. All this plus an epic tangent that moves from Archie to Batman to the Brady Bunch.


Episode 431 – Tales of the Legion: Death Trip

https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/cvdwi0vs Darren and Paul continue their look at the Tales of the Legion era, as Wildfire and Invisible Kid make their way out of paradise, the Heroes of Lallor help one of their own, and Paul finds an unintended way to Stump a Sub!

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Episode 430 – Tales of the Legion: Meanwhile…

The Subs take a look at an issue that features the Subs! Tales of the Legion 316 takes Cosmic Boy and the Substitute Heroes on a joyride through space, as well as the conclusion of the White Witch’s origin.

Episode 429 – The Superboy Chronicles: Luthor’s Power Ploy

https://www.somerandomthoughts.com/2023/06/01/our9uxj We ring in 2017 with a look at New Adventures of Superboy 14. It’s the one where Luthor tries to mess with Superboy’s powers! It also includes the story mentioned in episode 425, when Superbaby meets Zatara.