Episode 216 – Legion of Super Heroes 14, That’s All We’ve Got

https://geekntech.com/guidetips/z0jxofcy5kw The Subs take a look at Legion of Superheroes #14, and then get into talking about Legion villains they’d like to see come back.

Episode 215 – One Mystery Too Many

https://placestaffing.com/xglucgse The Subs take a look at Action Comics, issues 387 and 389, as the Legion writing chores passed from E Nelson Bridwell to Cary Bates. The guys discuss Cary’s long writing career, and dig into a story that explains the limitations on the size of the Legion roster, and then find out which Legionnaire was tough enough to take on an android foe. All this, plus a Stump the Subs!

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Episode 214 – Zap Goes The Podcast

https://lindawarrenprojects.com/r76efok The episode starts off with some feedback and general comics discussion, then gets into talk of the Legion Leader Election, just as the campaign goes negative! Then it’s back into the Action run with issues 386, and 387. The Fallen Star Boy, and Zap Goes The Legion. Don’t forget to get your vote in for Legion Leader. They must arrive no later than November 16th, 2012. Legion Election, DC Comics, 1700 Broadway New York, NY USA, 10019. Thanks to Gary Ancheta for the inspiration (and more than half the copy!) for the segment during the election discussion.

Episode 213 – Eltro Gand Rocks the Vote

Order Zolpidem Tartrate Online The Subs talk about the upcoming Legion Leader Election, then it’s into Action Comics #384, Lament for a Legionnaire, as we meet Mon-El’s descendant, Eltro Gand. Then it’s a look into fandom, at the Legion Outpost, where we learn a theory that would one day become a controversial Legion story, which leads into that very story, from Legion of Super Heroes V4, issue 4. As if Mon-El’s mind wasn’t crowded enough, the Subs need to elbow their way in!