Episode 268 – Um, Why Don’t You Just Do Your Laundry at Headquarters?

http://merboevents.com/vxekpzp It’s a full house at Subs HQ, as the guys take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 206, where Superboy is haunted by a couple of familiar faces, and Projectra goes home, and once again nearly gets killed. You’d think she’d learn!

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Episode 267 – Orange is the New Back(ground of this cover)

https://nathanmaxwell.net/2022/09/ljlfsyrogvw The Subs take a look at the 100 Page Spectacular that was Superboy Starring THE Legion of Super Heroes 205. The Legionnaires are getting crazy… maybe it’s the sideburns? Lana Lang guest stars, and so all is well. Then it’s a look at Legion artist Mike Grell, followed by more Legion Lore.


Episode 266 – Brainy’s Buffybot

https://techniblogic.com/xfskz68e With Scott on a mission in deep space, Darren, Matt and Paul take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 204, and find a Legionnaire nobody remembers, as well as Brainy’s latest science fair project.


Episode 265 – The Perils of Legion Dating and Hugs from Validus!

https://lerougemiami.com/o5nd2f5 The Subs battle through technical difficulties to say goodbye to two old friends, the first, a character in the Legion, as Invisible Kid meets his demise, and the second, as Superboy and the Legion cover artist, and comic book legend Nick Cardy, passed away while this episode was being recorded. RIP Nick.