Episode 90 – The Great Darkness Saga Part 3: Darkness Transcendent

It’s part 3 of The Great Darkness Saga.  Dream Girl is the new leader, and she’s carrying this mysterious kid around.  Hop into the time bubble with Matt, Darren, Scott and Paul as they dig deep into the third chapter of this legendary story arc!

Episode 89 – Great Darkness Saga Part 2: A Sign of Darkness Dawning

Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul tackle the second chapter of The Great Darkness Saga.  In Legion of Super Heroes 291, the mystery of the servants and their diabolical master deepens, and the Legion gets an unlikely new leader.  The guys discover a change in the trade version of the story, and get into the details of the forthcoming hardcover collection.

Episode 88 – Great Darkness Saga Part 1: And The Servant Shall Be a Sign

Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul take a look at part one of the Great Darkness Saga. The Servants of Darkness steal magical artifacts, and only the Legion stands in their way. Join us for The Most Mind-Shattering Multi-Issue Epic Ever!

Also, Darren’s recap of Heroes Con.

Episode 87 – State of the DCU

Darren, Scott and Paul discuss the state of the DCU post-Blackest Night. What’s working for them, and what’s not quite hitting the mark?

What’s YOUR State of the DCU?

Also, Scott and Paul had a chance to meet up with artist-extraordinaire Barry Kitson, in Toronto, and discuss his history with the Legion, and L.E.G.I.O.N.