Episode 362 – Your Secret is Out Sensor Girl, But We’re Going to Keep it for Another Issue!

With Scott and Matt piloting Mon-El and Shady’s vacation ship in deep space, Darren and Paul are left earthbound as the gossip mill goes crazy with the speculation as to Sensor Girl’s identity. That’s not all of the salacious scoop though! Which Legion couple is in trouble, and which one is never, ever, ever getting back together?

Episode 361 – Vaccinate Your Daxamites

Darren and Paul visit a dark time in Mon-El’s life as Brainy’s Anti-Lead serum begins to fail him. The Subs take a look at how much this issue changed the character of Mon-El going forward, how time travel was changing in the DCU, and why neither of them will be lining up for slipcase editions of The Dark Knight Returns.

Episode 360 – Superboy Meets Heroes From The Future – Superboy Meets Robin The Boy Wonder

With everyone else off at conventions and other long weekend extravaganzas, Paul once again looks at a Superboy team up, as Robin The Boy Wonder Travels back in time to meet the Boy of Steel.