Episode 589 – Legion of Super Heroes Issue 3: Robin Joins the Legion and Stays Forever

The Subs are joined by Derek Binns to discuss issue 3 of the new Legion series.

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Episode 587 – 5YL Part 23 Issue 22: The Quiet Darkness Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

https://zzkustom.com/7m93l06e90a The Subs talk about issue 22 of Vol 4. Furball is on the run, and Valor learns some big news. Also, there is Lobo!

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Episode 586 – 5YL Part 22 Issue 21: The Quiet Darkness Part 1

The Subs get into The Quiet Darkness part 1. There are differing opinions over the story. Some haven’t read it since it came out, and others think it’s the “Omen and Prophet” of this era of the Legion!

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