Episode 576 – 5YL Part 18: The Final Battle

Buy Ambien Online Fast Delivery The Subs talk about the third issue of what was originally a fill-in, but turned out to be the first time we saw the new Legion in REAL action!


Stump the Subs, Feedback, and This Week in Legion History are all here!


Episode 575 – Legion of Super Heroes Millennium Issue 2: A Walk Through The Space Museum

https://houseofillusion.com/x8d5nzl3n3 The Subs dig into Legion of Super Heroes Millennium #2, and speculate about what’s to come in the new series.


Episode 574 – Superboy Meets Heroes of the Future: Dark Strangler of the Seas

During the adventures of Superman when he was a boy, he once met young Arthur Curry, who was amidst his own adventures of Aquaman when HE was a boy. Aquaboy and Superboy team up against a corrupt oil company! Hilarity ensues!