Episode 580 – Time and Time Again Part 2: Goodnight Moon

Buy Generic Ambien Online Uk We’re in the home stretch of the Time and Time Again. Story arc. What happens and how does it affect the Legion? Listen in and find out!


Episode 579 – Legion of Super Heroes #1: It’s Bendis Time!

After 6 long years, there is a new Legion of Super Heroes ongoing series. In this episode the Subs dig deep into the issue, looking at what they liked, what they didn’t as well as speculating where things are going. It’s good to be back!


Episode 578 – Time and Time Again Part 1

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/522rpaty The Subs look back at the Superman Time and Time Again arc. Starting with Adventures of Superman 476, Action Comics 663, Superman 54, and Adventures of Superman 477, they follow Superman as he is unstuck in time, meeting the Legion a few times (but WHICH Legion?).


Episode 577 – 5YL Part 19: Looks Like the Dark Circle, Smells Like the Dark Circle, You’ve Got Yourself a Dark Circle!

Ordering Zolpidem Tartrate The Subs are joined by Senior Future Correspondent Derek Binns for Legion Vol 4, number 18. The war is over, now let us do something relaxing, like, I dunno… stare at the moon…