Episode 51 – Flash of Genius: A Conversation with Francis Manapul

In this episode, Matt, Darren, Scott and Paul have a lengthy conversation with former Legion/current Adventure Comics/upcoming Flash artist Francis Manapul.  Francis talks about his career, his work on the Legion, working with different writing styles, how best to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, and, yes, the meaning of life.


Episode 50 – Shooting for the Stars with a Stumpstravaganza!

https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/slp1pnqw Once upon a time a 13 year old comics fan drew his own comic books, and sent them to an editor. One day the editor bought his stories, and a legend was born. 43 years later, his dream was realized, as the Legion of Substitute Podcasters dedicated their 50th episode to that young boy, his first Legion story and the characters he created.

https://mmhn.com/vvq48iqszr6 A new era begins, as the guys talk about Jim Shooter, and Murray takes on Darren in a Stumpstravaganza!

Episode 49 – 30th Century Caged Heat

In this episode, Computo strikes again!


Buy Ambien Online Prescription Well, not in the story, but he does battle our intrepid subs as they make their way through The Super Stalag of Space and The Execution of Matter Eater Lad in Adventure Comics 344 and 345. Darren recaps the events of last week’s Dragon Con. Meanwhile, Paul battles something far more insidious… a crying baby! The guys also tackle the latest in Legion news including the new writer on the Legion: some guy named Levitz!


Then, finally, their flickering foe defeated, they play a little Stump the Subs…

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https://www.wellmasters.co.uk/3ov773h Cue the scary music, and listen to the end of the Edmond Hamilton Era! Strap yourselves in and feel the cheese!


Episode 48 – The Luck O’ The Legion

In this episode, Matt, Darren, Scott and Paul review Adventure Comics 342 and 343. In these issues, Star Boy becomes the Legionnaire who killed, Color Kid gets a cameo, the Super Pets, complete with Comet the Super Horse, and newly anointed Super-LOLCat, Streaky. Then, we take a front row seat as Scott stays up WAY past his bedtime to introduce The Luck Lords.


All this, the announcement of a new Stump The Subs contest, Darren’s planning and preparation for Dragon-Con and some Listener Feedback.