Episode 112 – A Very Special Legion Podcast Crossover

The Subs are joined by Adriana Ferguson, of Super Future Friends. First they fight, then they realize they need to team up against a common foe, so they talk comic books, Batman and the Legion for an hour, and then Scott falls asleep. Time travel can be rough on a fella!


Episode 111 – Black Friday for the Legion

The Subs discuss Legion of Super Heroes #7, and then continue with the senses shattering conclusion to the Mantis Morlo story. Then a letter in the book sparks a discussion of super hero stereotypes. All this, plus a new Stump the Subs.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Episode 110 – The Chemoids Are Coming, and They’re Not The Only Ones!

https://mariamore.com/uas085ez2nj Returning to Retro Reviews, the Subs are stymied by the sinister science of the menacing Mantis Morlo! All this, and a truly brutal Stump the Subs!


Episode 108 – Violet’s Story

http://delamarre.net/joomla/7i2o1wf The Subs finally find out what’s been going on with Shrinking Violet as they review Legion of Super Heroes 305, and what’s up with Earth Man in Legion #6. In between all of that, the guys discuss who they’re voting for in the Legion Leader Election!