Episode 387 – The Death of Superboy Part 4: The Greatest Hero of Them All

It’s an emotional episode, as the Subs say goodbye to Superboy. This issue changed the path of the Baxter Run, and continues to reverberate for Legion fans to this day.


Episode 386 – The Death of Superboy Part 3: Past Imperfect

https://mmhn.com/l20cempkw Darren and Paul talk about part 3 of The Death of Superboy as Superman and Superboy haul off in a battle that can only end in death… or in coming together and figuring out what’s actually going on. You know, like all super hero team ups do. Action Comics 591 is the issue, and exposition is the game!


Episode 385 – The Death of Superboy Part 2: Future Shock

Purchasing Zolpidem Darren and Paul are joined by Josh Wilson of the Oncoming Storm Podcast, as we dig further into the Pocket Universe Saga, with an awesome tribute to the beginnings of the Legion’s involvement with Superboy.

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Episode 384 – The Death of Superboy Part 1: A Twist in Time

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/wcvnj2ow Darren and Paul look back at the  Greatest Hero of Them All storyline, as the Legion sought to break ties with its inspiration. Also a discussion of Rebirth, the real reason Gardner Fox left DC and the  death of E Nelson Bridwell.