Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 10 – Traitor!

Brent is joined by Murray Fox this week. Brainy does something for a friend. Dream Girl’s powers have their limits. Invisible Kid is accused of being a traitor. All that is only the beginning of a really, really bad day for the Legion. You’ll definitely need to take a drink this episode as not only does someone crash through the roof, but they bring everything tumbling down

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 9 – I’m So Sick of it I Could Scream!

Your podcasters from the future are joined by author Matthew Elmslie this week as they discuss Generational Theory and the Waid Threeboot.  Untitled Issue 9 gets a title.  Invisible Kid interferes… again.  Ultra Boy loses it… again.  Brainiac 5 doesn’t make any friends… again.

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 8 – Family Feud!

In this issue, Brent and Derek explore a change in leadership.  Despite Chameleon liking the idea of one, it’s hardly a reader ballot that elects the new Legion leader! 

  • Cosmic Boy insults half the Legion.
  • One Legionnaire quits.
  • Another leaves. 
  • Brainiac 5 updates Legion tech. 
  • Everyone chooses sides.