Episode 409 – Substitute Squad: It’s Movie Time

The Sub Squadders are joined by Stewart MacWilliam and Erik Matthews as they discuss the latest in DCTV news, as well as the Suicide Squad movie. Spoilers abound, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, save this one for later! It’s a fiery debate, and like the best Squad stories, you’re waiting to see who gets blown up!

Episode 404 – Legion not Found

Darren and Paul do their level best to get through a two-parter that had no right to be so. It even looks as though Giffen did his level best to avoid being in it. It’s okay though, because the end makes it all worth it. We read some feedback for us, and also some feedback for Levitz. At least WE never tried to transport a dwarf star!

Episode 402 – Rites of Passage

Darren and Paul dig into issue 52 of the Baxter Run, as the aftermath of Brainy’s trial begins to fall out. They discuss whether or not Polar Boy really WAS the worst Legion Leader ever, and who might challenge him for that title.