Episode 508 – It’s All Paul’s Fault: The Origin of Blok

As we arrived at the Blok origin issue, we learned of the passing of Steve Ditko, artist on this issue (Legion of Super Heroes 272). We discuss Legion News, The Death of Steve Ditko, and which artists we’d put on our Mount Rushmore of Comic Book Artists, wherein Paul learns the difference between Carl Barks and Don Rosa. Then it’s on to the origin of Blok, and the debut of Dial H for Hero.

Episode 507 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Secret Time Forgot to Tell

In this episode of The Superboy Chronicles, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 27 and 28. Superboy meets a couple of outlaw Kryptonians who have a big secret about Superboy. Also, Dial H for Hero starts its run in the pages of Superboy.

Episode 506 – Secrets of the Legion Part 3: Revelation! This One Changes Everything!

The Subs get into the last issue of Secrets of the Legion! Who is the child of RJ Brande? It’s all in here. Thoughts on the miniseries, Legion News (well indicated spoilers for Supergirl) and This Week in Legion History are also included!