Episode 353 – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Darren and Paul visit limbo as well as Medicus One (which is where Paul really needs to be this episode!) with the Legionnaires, as Phantom Girl disappears (shocking, I know!) in the midst of a mission, and Invisible Kid gets his powers fixed.


Episode 352 – The Infinite Man? Didn’t We Just Do This? Does Anyone Know There’s a Crisis Going On?

https://www.wellmasters.co.uk/6ucx9d54m15 Darren and Paul are caught in a crisis between timelines. Paul seems to think that we already did this issue, while Darren reminds him that we did the first appearance of the Infinite Man just a few weeks ago. We take a look at how the Legionnaires are reacting to the… what was it again that was happening to the universe? Nobody can quite remember!

Episode 351 – Darren’s Crunchy Microphone Gives us a New Beginning!

https://mariamore.com/c8kc9hcz Darren, Scott and Paul take a look at Baxter Run issue number 17, as the Legion sees a jumping on point, including new artist Greg Larocque!! All this, and a Stump The Subs from Darren’s arch foe (and the rest of the team’s hero) Matthew Elmslie!