Episode 275 – Super Rejects and a Super Guest

The Subs are joined by Legion Omnicom founder Michael Grabois, as they discuss Michael’s first issue, Superboy Starring THE Legion of Super Heroes #212, the issue in which we meet the Legion of Super Rejects (and really, don’t they need a better PR rep). Join in for talk about how 30th Century fashion intersects with what we see on the Skartaris runway, what happened to the missing pages from this issue, and what the second coolest (and coolest) jobs are!

Episode 274 – The Origin of Karate Kid… shh Don’t Tell Giffen!

It’s two issues for the price of one! In this episode, the Subs cover Superboy Starring THE Legion of Super Heroes 210 and 211, as the Legion goes up against Soljer, and Roxxas. In other action, we witness the secret origin of Karate Kid, and learn how the Subs (the other Subs, not us) gained possession of Fortress Lad.