Episode 718 – Legionnaires 18: End of and Era Part 4: Changing Times

The Subs talk End of an Era, decorating choices, and delicious pickles (that last one is a Michael thing. We don’t know what he’s talking about).

Episode 709 – Legionnaires Annual 1: Castles in the Places where Castles are Found

Derek journeys from the future to join the Subs in looking at this Elseworld’s Legion as they pay homage to the Legend of King Arthur!

Episode 705 – Legionnaires 16: Guess Who’s Back

The Subs are joined by Derek from the future as they look at the strange goings-on in Legionnaires 16. It’s wibbly, it’s wobbly, and the time is wimey!

Episode 695 – Legionnaires 14: Grim Reality

Derek from the Future joins the Subs as they look at Legionnaires issue 14. All this, plus the Class of 63, This Week in Legion History and a couple of weeks’ worth of feedback!

Episode 690 – Welcome to 2022! Legionnaires 13: There’s a New Girl in Town!

https://www.lasvegaswedding-makeup.com/z35h7qq63 The Subs kick off the new year as Tenzil goes through some big changes! Plus, we kick off a new segment! All this plus This Week in Legion History!


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Episode 681 – Legionnaires 11: Kid Quantum Joins the Legion

Brent from the Future joins the Subs as they talk about things we name our electronics, Mariah Carey’s deal with the devil, Jim’s 50 cent comic purchases, and obscure Super Friends characters. They also find time, amongst all those tangents, to talk about Legionnaires 11, in which Kid Quantum joins… or DOES NOT join… the Legion!

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