Episode 398 – A Time To Die and a Time for Rebirth

Darren and Paul take a look at Legion of Super Heroes (Baxter Run) 48, but first, they talk about a new book about Legion co-creator Al Plastino before digging deep into DC Universe Rebirth #1. (If you haven’t yet read Rebirth, skip ahead to 1:31:25 to avoid spoilers)

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/8bi5x56tv9 Love and Legacy: If that doesn’t scream Legion, we don’t know what does!

Episode 397 – It’s Tinfoil Hat Time!

https://gfqnetwork.com/shows/px8ctw57ub Darren and Paul dig deeper into the conspiracy within the Legion, make a stop at Nullport and get some stuff signed by Denny O’Neil.


Episode 396 – On the Fourth Hand

https://www.mocomemart.com/othai9ufi2m Darren and Paul take a look at the first real part of the Conspiracy storyline. It’s been building in the background for a while, but now red herrings are being thrown, clues dropped and conspirators revealed!

Episode 395 – Unlucky Streak

https://houseofillusion.com/5rxkbiba The Luck Lords show up to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Legion, by taking us on a trip through Lightning Lad’s time with the team. There are Lightning Beasts of Korbal, and more Krakooms than you can shake a stick at, so make sure your glass is full, and please, do not operate heavy machinery after listening to this episode!

Episode 394 – The Superboy Chronicles – Joey Silver is Mad as Hell, and He’s not Going to Take it Any More!

https://www.allthingsankara.com/2023/06/w019s2jl1l.html Paul takes a trip back to the 60s. It’s all just a dream when Clark Kent’s former classmate Joe Silver decides his life could be a whole lot better. Take a look at The New Adventures of Superboy numbers 3 and 4 to find out what happens!