Episode 506 – Secrets of the Legion Part 3: Revelation! This One Changes Everything!

https://babybeas.com/2023/06/x7xyz728 The Subs get into the last issue of Secrets of the Legion! Who is the child of RJ Brande? It’s all in here. Thoughts on the miniseries, Legion News (well indicated spoilers for Supergirl) and This Week in Legion History are also included!


Episode 505 – Secrets of the Legion Part 2: Who’s Your Daddy?

https://heleven.com/dmdiqeln3d The Subs take a look at issue 2 of Secrets of the Legion. Also, DC Comics restructuring news and discussion, as well as some feedback, and Stump the Subs questions.

Episode 504 – Secrets of the Legion Part 1: The Past Seen Darkly

The Subs look at the origin of the Legion, from Superboy 147 as well as the version recounted in Secrets of the Legion issue #1. There are Lightning Beasts of Korbal in these parts, folks. Have your drinks prepared.