Episode 385 – The Death of Superboy Part 2: Future Shock

Buy Ambien Online Paypal Darren and Paul are joined by Josh Wilson of the Oncoming Storm Podcast, as we dig further into the Pocket Universe Saga, with an awesome tribute to the beginnings of the Legion’s involvement with Superboy.


Episode 384 – The Death of Superboy Part 1: A Twist in Time

https://www.lovelornpoets.com/2023/06/01/0ls7vpox Darren and Paul look back at the  Greatest Hero of Them All storyline, as the Legion sought to break ties with its inspiration. Also a discussion of Rebirth, the real reason Gardner Fox left DC and the  death of E Nelson Bridwell.

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Episode 383 – Peace, Quiet and Impending Doom!

Overnight Delivery Ambien Online It’s election time! Darren and Paul take a look at the aftermath of The Universo Project. The Legion clean up after the mess Universo left, and pick a new leader!


Episode 382 – The Superboy Chronicles Part 2: The Demon Next Door

Paul is possessed by the spirit of New Adventures of Superboy issue 2 as he recounts two titanic tales of the Boy of Steel! The Demon Next Door, and The Day of the Explosive Element.

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Episode 381 – At Long Last, Legends: Finale

https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/nq7a16eh4r Darren and Paul finally get around to finishing Legends, the 1986 miniseries that set the tone for the Post-Crisis DC Universe. It all goes well until Darren brings up Bloodwynd!