Episode 464 – The Great Karate Kid Yada Yada of 2017 Part 2

https://mantamaritime.com/3frjfc4vuib While Darren is off at DragonCON, Paul is joined by Michael Grabois to cover the remainder of the Karate Kid series, including his crossover with Kamandi, and a team up with Batman!

Episode 463 – The Great Karate Kid Yada Yada of 2017 Part 1

https://www.lasvegaswedding-makeup.com/i1vj9sz9t Darren and Paul are joined by Michael Grabois and Travis Ellisor to attempt a truly staggering marathon. They summarize and annotate the first 10 issues of Karate Kid’s solo series! The Action! The Exposition! It’s all here!


Episode 314 – Saluting the Bicentennial with The Revenger!

https://techniblogic.com/wc9vwgp The Subs take a look at Karate Kid issue 3, after a bit of discussion about the upcoming slate of DC movies. Put on your variable length yellow collar and join in!

Episode 312 – This Issue is a Major Disaster!

Buy Zolpidem Er Online The Subs dig into issue two of Karate Kid, when Major Disaster shows up ready to destroy the United Nations, with ONE thing standing in his way: A Super Karate practitioner known as Val Armorr!

Episode 311 – My World Begins in Yesterday: Karate Kid Issue 1

The Subs get to hang out in a century closer to home, as they follow Karate Kid back to the 21st century in Karate Kid #1. Sweep the knee!