Episode 727 – End of an Era Part 6: LSH 61 – The Real Conclusion

Cheapest Ambien Online It’s Zero Hour for the Legion. Brent from the future joins the Subs as they witness the end of everything.

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Episode 721 – End of an Era Part 5: Valor 23: The LAST Issue of Valor! (So Far)

The Subs once again rope Derek from the Future into leading us through an issue of Valor! Unlike Valor, Derek makes it all the way to the end of the issue!

Episode 718 – Legionnaires 18: End of and Era Part 4: Changing Times

The Subs talk End of an Era, decorating choices, and delicious pickles (that last one is a Michael thing. We don’t know what he’s talking about).

Episode 715 – End of an Era Part 2: Valor 22: The Center Cannot Hold

The Subs are joined by Brent from the Future as they navigate the End of an Era, in part 2 of the last crossover of the Pre-Zero Hour Legion.

Episode 714 – End of an Era Part 1: Legionnaires 17: History Lesson

End of and Era begins in Legionnaires #17! Tying in with the upcoming Zero Hour event, this version of the Legion heads to its conclusion!

Episode 705 – Legionnaires 16: Guess Who’s Back

The Subs are joined by Derek from the future as they look at the strange goings-on in Legionnaires 16. It’s wibbly, it’s wobbly, and the time is wimey!