Episode 25 – Nura’s Rules of Order

In this episode, Darren, Matt and Paul get all constitutional and precogntitive at the same time.

Adventure 317 and the Legion Constitution. Also, the Subs look at their own Constitution, the Legion of Substitute Podcasters Drinking Game… or is that Constitutional?

This one has it all… Legion Traitors, Legionnaire Robots and Listener Feedback.

Take a drink and see the future, it’s all right here for you!

Episode 24 – Super Contests and Super Traitors? Everybody Take A Drink!

Matt, Darren and Paul list their Top 5 Legion Romances, as we see Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy begin their relationship. If only he weren’t such a dirty criminal… or is he?

Also, one of the Substitute Heroes has a chance to join the big team. Which one will it be?

All this and Listener Feedback too? What more could you need?

How about a link to Tom vs. The Flash? Now your Monday is complete!

Episode 23 – Attack of the Crimson Virus and Super Hitler Too!

In case we don’t say it often enough, Eye-Roller Lass, we love you. Please forgive the words contained within! Darren, Matt and Paul face their fears as well as the Attack of the Crimson Virus in The Condemned Legionnaires, and learn that the Super Villains of All Ages is not a video dance party at all!

You too can thrill to the idea of Ultra Boy talking like Edward G Robinson, and Superboy saying “Wunderbar”, The Super Pets saving the day again, and to the Substitute Podcasters showing some love for Tony Bedard and Andy Clarke’s R.E.B.E.L.S.

Episode 22 – This One’s For Logan

Logan from Regina gets a shoutout as Darren, Matt and Paul talk MegaCon, and tons of Legion news. Then, it’s resurrection time for Lightning Lad, and then of to the planet of Doomed Olsens.

All this, and Matthew Elmslie of The Legion Abstract takes another stab at Stumping The Subs! Will he win? Listen in and find out!

Episode 21 – The Subs Go To War

Matt, Ric, Darren and Paul drink a toast to their 21st episode, and talk about “The Doom of the Superheroes”.  Later they’re joined by Chris Walsh for some bits of Legionnaire business, before turning their attention to ”The War Between The Substitute Heroes And The Legionnaires!”