Episode 16 – Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Part 2

https://domarco.com/i1yt1n6sh5i Darren, Matt and Paul take a look at the next two issues in the Action Comics storyline Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes, talk about the Legion’s live action debut on Smallville and get caught up on Final Crisis.

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https://www.sinpunktofijo.com/2023/09/07/elwrc38 All this, and Matthew Elmslie of The Legion Abstract checks in to Stump The Subs. Is third time the charm? Will the Subs finally meet defeat? Listen and find out!


Episode 15 – Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Part 1

In this episode, Darren, Ric and Paul take a look at last year’s blockbuster (is that BLOKbuster?) storyline Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes. In the first two issues, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank show us their interpretation of the Legion’s future, and define exactly what the Legion is all about.

Also, Listener Feedback, and Apathy Lad takes a run at Stumping the Subs! Will he win? Listen and learn the truth!


Episode 14 – When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Substitute Legionnaires

In this episode, Ric, Darren and Paul review Adventure 305 and 306. They find out the identity of the Mystery Legionnaire (no, not Matt, the other one!) and meet their namesakes, the Legion of Substitute Heroes! We read some feedback  (here’s the link we read in the letter from Logan). Just a reminder that The Legion of Super Heroes makes their live action debut on Smallville this Thursday, January 15th!


Episode 13 – In This One Somebody Kacks It!

Happy New Year!


https://centrovino-ribeirasacra.com/2023/09/07/utc4pip4cb6 Darren, Ric and Paul get down to business in this first episode of 2009. First, a plea for a new Who’s Who, and then into some classic Legion.


Soma 350 Mg Side Effects First up Matter Eater Lad joins the Legion in “The Fantastic Spy”, and then, when Zaryan the Conqueror comes to call, which Legionnaire takes a space nap?