Episode 286 – Substitute Squad – Faster and Furiouser

Fresh from another dimension, The Squad takes a look at the recent appearance of the Suicide Squad on Arrow. Then they dig into John Ostrander’s third issue as the Female Furies come to get G Gordon Godfrey.

Episode 285 – Clangalangalang… He’s Back!

Cheap Zolpidem The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion  featuring the return of Tyroc to the pages of the Legion. As well as the first appearance of the Legion’s most tolerant member ever, Earth Man!


Episode 284 – Charge of the Doomed Legionnaires

Zolpidem Online Australia The Subs take a look at Superboy Starring The Legion of Super Heroes #217, as they face Khunds, and Superboy comes face to face with one of his descendants. But before that, they get into a discussion about who Superboy really is!

Episode 283 – Talkin’ About Tyroc… Shut Yo Mouth!

The always excellent Alan White, creator of The Power Principle, joins the Subs to welcome a new Legionnaire to the team. Tyroc meets the Legion, while elsewhere, Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel run afoul of some 30th Century hoodlums.

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Episode 282 – Revisiting the Conclusion of Legion of Three Worlds

Buy Ambien Online Mexico Journey back four years ago, to just after Legion of Three Worlds #5 came out, or, as some have called it “Legion of Three Years”. It was the day before Paul became a dad for the first time, and a couple of weeks before Scott shook off his reservist status, and became a full member of the Subs. Listen to the speculation, with full benefit of hindsight as to what actually happened, and figure out where we were close, and when we were so far off target.