Episode 245 – Man of Steel: Great or Hate?

https://babybeas.com/2023/06/y6tqvqa5nn4 The Subs are joined by Stewart MacWilliam, aka Wetrats for a spoiler filled discussion of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. We know what WE thought of it, what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments (but don’t spoil it for Matt yet!).


Episode 244 – The Subs vs. The Fatal Two and Scott’s Crazy Piano Music

The Subs take a look at Superboy 190, for Murder the Leader, as two Legionnaires take on two members of the Fatal Five. Then, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lass face off, in an awkward location, for their round of the Legion Smackdown!


Episode 243 – Something Something Jet Skis

Buying Zolpidem Online The Subs dig into the Curse of the Blood Crystals as the Legion faces Mordru’s handiwork. Expanding Time Cubes, industrious Durlans and Superboy’s lungs make it all a curious outing. All this, and the latest round of Legion Smackdown!