Episode 54 – A Missterious Sirprize

What, so Quentin Tarantino is the only one who’s allowed to misspell a title?

In this episode, Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul take a look at Adventure Comics #350, where we meet new Legionnaires Sir Prize and Miss Terious. We also get a new villain, Prince Evillo.

Also discussed in this episode, Adventure Comics #3, and the Secret Origin of Paul’s dollar bin haul.

Episode 53 – Daddy Issues

Paul, Darren, Matt and Scott discuss the first appearance of Universo, as they travel through time and space to see 5 Legionnaires meet terrible fates. What is Universo’s secret, and who is the young boy that helps the Legion?

Also, listeners attempt to Stump The Subs and the guys answer some questions from the mailbag. All this and the 1966 Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup!