Episode 522 – The Reflecto Saga Part 6: If Answers There Be…

https://twd4x4.com.au/9w57e8s It took us ten years to get here, but finally, it’s the end of the Reflecto Saga saga saga in Legion of Super Heroes 282! The Subs look into it all!


Episode 520 – The Reflecto Saga Part 5: Madness is the Molecule Master

The Subs are joined by Murray Fox as they dig into the last Ditko drawn Legion book, in which an old foe, who just can’t seem to get a handle on his name, shows up in the 20th century to battle the time lost Legionnaires.

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Episode 519 – The Reflecto Saga Part 4: Call Back Yesterday!

The Subs are joined once again by Murray Fox as the Saga (Saga, Saga) continues. So we know who Reflecto is, but does he? The Legionnaires, fresh off their win over Grimbor must head back to the 20th century to figure it all out!


Episode 518 – The Reflecto Saga Part 3: Castle Grimbor Must Fall!

https://mappinglondon.co.uk/2023/8ys7d3w8997 The Saga Saga Sage continues continues continues, as the true identity of Reflecto is revealed. Grimbor’s evil plan is minutes from destroying the Earth, and the Legion is trying to catch their breath and defeat him. The Subs are joined by Murray Fox as they try to decode it all.


Episode 517 – The Reflecto Saga Part 2: Tragedy at the Top of the World

The Subs dig into the second chapter of the Reflecto Saga (saga saga) in Legion of Super Heroes 278. Joined by Murray Fox and Jim Purcell, they follow the Legion into space to fight Grimbor’s chains, and then down to Earth in the Arctic to do battle with Grimbor. Despite what Paul says at the top of the show, it is indeed episode 517!

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