Episode 3 – The Startling Secret of Mystery Lad

While their comrade at arms, Ric, is trapped in 1933 fighting alongside Doc Savage, Darren and Paul continue the neverending battle in the future, and are at long last joined by our fourth member, the amazing Mystery Lad, aka Matt Kramer! Learn the secret of Mystery Lad’s involvement in the secret origin of the Legion of Substitute Podcasters, and how he quickly becomes Blame Boy!

The guys discuss The Army of Living Kryptonite Men, are baffled at how Superboy ever had a thing for Lana Lang, in Lana Lang and the Legion of Super Heroes, and see Supergirl finally gain admittance to the ranks of the Legion in Supergirl’s Three Super-Girlfriends.

New Legionnaires discussed: Phantom Girl, Bouncing Boy, Sun Boy, Star Boy, Triplicate Girl, Brainiac 5

Episode 2 – Teenage Hijinx

Welcome back to the future!

This time around, Ric, Darren and Paul talk about the next two Legion stories, in which Superboy is Prisoner of the Super Heroes and Supergirl meets The Three Super Heroes.

We also discuss the cancellation of the Jim Shooter penned, and Francis Manapul pencilled, Legion series with issue #50.

Paul just bought The Best of the Legion Outpost, from TwoMorrows Publishing, so the guys talk a bit about Legion fandom!

New Legionnaires: Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy and Invisible Kid.

Thanks to everybody for all the great feedback on our first episode!

Episode 1 – Secret Origins

In 1958, Adventure Comics 247 first hit the stands and brought us a new team of superheroes. They were from the future, had really cool jet packs and had their names written on their chests. They grew into a truly huge superteam and established a long and storied legacy, with many characters, and a universe that seemed to have no limits.

Now, 50 years later, Paul French, Ric Croxton and Darren Nowell, all Legion fans for many years, unite to help clarify the continuity, and talk about how much they love the Legion.

In this episode, Paul, Ric and Darren share the origins of their own Legion fandom, and delve into the biographies of the first three Legionnaires, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad (who was called Lightning Boy in the first issue) and also of the creators of the Legion, starting with Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Join us for discussion of the first Legion story.

The history of the future begins here!

WARNING: Here be spoilers! This story may have come out 50 years ago, but we go in depth and in detail. If spoilers make you squeamish, consider yourself warned!

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The Legion of Substitute Podcasters – Coming Soon!

We’ve heard that people have a tough time understanding the Legion of Super Heroes. It’s hard to keep track of which Lad, Lass, Boy or Girl is which.

Let us make that a lot easier for you.

Join Paul French, Ric Croxton, Darren Nowell, and our mystery Legionnaire for a fun ride through the history of the future!

First episode goes up on Monday!

And so it begins! The history of the future starts here!