Episode 225 – State of the DCU

https://www.mocomemart.com/6ahczj86p The Subs take a look at the current DCU books, and talk about what they’re reading, what they like, what they don’t like and why! Also, Murray takes a stab at Stumping the Subs!

Episode 223 – Costuming the Legion

The Subs are joined by costume maker Leman Yuen. Leman brings us tales from the trenches about con costumes and how one makes a Cosmic Boy bustier! They also dig into the backup story from Superboy 173, Trust Me or Kill Me, as Mordru returns to pester the Legion.

Episode 222 – Dinosaurs Rock the 31st Century

https://mariamore.com/5duw07oy The Subs get into lively discussions about Lego, The Hobbit, and even some Legion stuff! We take a close look at Legion of Super Heroes 15, as Glorith and the Legion take on dinosaurs!