Episode 20 – Monsters Do Lead Interesting Lives!

https://www.lovelornpoets.com/2023/06/01/ptbzcux3eii Darren and Paul talk about some recent reads, and get into a detailed analysis of the Legion story “The Legion of Super Monsters” Meanwhile, Ric sits down with friend of the show, Legion fan and Kansas area comic store employee, Chris Walsh.

https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/f1iw8fbs You will believe that a wacky monster can fly… and um… drill through stuff.


Episode 19 – The Most Fabulous Episode Yet!

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/rhaepq5s27 After last week’s marathon, Darren and Paul present the first appearances of Element Lad and Lightning Lass.  Also, discussion on Legion related appearances this week throughout the DCU, and we set the record straight on Legion of Super Heroes #50.

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Episode 18 – Matts of Two Worlds and Legion of Three Worlds Part 3

https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/7jacps69 Legion HQ is packed in this episode as Ric, Matt, Darren and Paul welcome special guest Matthew Elmslie of the Legion Abstract joins in to discuss Adventure Comics #0, the possibilities of the Legion’s future, and, of course Legion of Three Worlds #3. This one has it all: 2 hours and 47 minutes (see what we did there?) of Legion goodness, crackpot theories and exciting news all over the place!


Episode 17 – Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Part 3

Matt, Darren and Paul take on parts 5 and 6 of Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes, as well as Action Comics #864, Batman and the Legion of Super Heroes. The final issue of the threeboot, Legion of Super Heroes #50 also gets discussed, as does the preview of Legion of Three Worlds #3.

All this, and a Stump the Subs!

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