Episode 376 – Tales of the Reservists: The Batman and Robin of Kandor

Paul takes a look at the first appearance of Nightwing and Flamebird from Superman 158, January 1963, in a story by Legion favourites Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan. Learn how Superman and Jimmy Olsen became the Batman and Robin of Kandor, and how New Krypton wasn’t the first story to deal with the idea of a large population of superpowered Kryptonians on Earth. They just did it longer… a LOT longer!

Episode 375 – Christmas in the 30th Century

Darren and Paul celebrate a Very Subs Christmas by providing the commentary nobody ever wanted for the Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special. (Join in the fun with us by going here: Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special ).

We wish everyone out there in Subs Land a very happy and safe holiday season! Thank you all for your support over the years!