Episode 337 – So Many Super Suits! What to Wear? A Look at Legends 5

Darren and Paul’s Event Theatre leaps to the forefront as the penultimate installment of Legends is discussed. Crack open a New Coke, lean back in your Adidas track suit and listen in!

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Episode 336 – Happy Klordny!

http://merboevents.com/4nh3nj4nq8 Darren and Paul fight off technological villains to bring you an episode where the Klordny Festival is mentioned and almost explained as a series of seemingly unrelated plots all come together to give the Legionnaires reasons to cosplay as one another!

Episode 335 – The End of Infinitus

https://techniblogic.com/pgizb0n Matt, Darren and Paul take a look at Justice League United issue 10, the conclusion of the Infinitus Saga. How do they think it ended? Do they want to see this particular take on the Legion again? What did they like and what didn’t they like? These questions and more will be answered in this episode!

Episode 334 – Legends 4: Cry Havoc

https://www.joeyblsphotography.com/uncategorized/9kpmp4o1 With Matt and Scott off in deep space, it’s time once again for Darren and Paul’s Event Theater, as they continue looking at Legends. In this issue, the enforcement of Reagan’s ban on superhero activity begins to take effect, and the Suicide Squad are left to their own devices.

Episode 333 – This Episode is NOT a Spotlight on Triplicate Girl

https://lerougemiami.com/a098r9l The number of the week is, in fact, not 3, but rather 5! The Fatal Five turn up to make trouble, just as the title of the book officially changes to Superboy & The Legion of Superheroes!